The National Identity Of A Country Today

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The national identity of a country today, is heavily influenced by its history. If a country is isolated, whether geographically and/or it is their cultural preference, then nationality, in this sense, can be largely affected by its native ethnic group or the majority ethnic group in power. As the political culture, economy and society change, some aspects within a nation’s culture remain the same. Specifically as the national identity of citizens in Japan, France and Germany formed under similar and slightly different circumstances, its consequences have the same effects. Particularly, being able to deal with outside forces and still maintaining a strong nationality, while laws and policies may come from foreign governments, is impressive. Also having a weak national identity but a good economy, or a strong national identity but declining economy, represents how various factors can influence such situations.
Today Japan’s ethnic landscape is made up of mostly Japanese residents. 98.5% are Japanese, while 1% are Korean and Chinese, and 0.5% are deemed as other. The lack of diversity has a lot to do with Japan’s history. In the past, Japan maintained and preferred to be isolated, even while geographically, it is vulnerable and dependent on other neighboring nations. Today Japan remains dependent on imported food, about three fourths of its food comes from other lands. More specifically, isolation has always been a part of Japanese culture, “for two and a half centuries a
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