The National Identity Of Being Amercian Essay

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One 100 years from now, will Americans still have a sense of national identity ? Joonkyung(David) Chi, Class - 11:30 The national identity of being Amercian will be the concept of everyone. A. The prominent national identitiy of being American is the freedom.
 Today, The freedom may could be considered by the value of Amercian. According to The Atlantic, when American were asked the question “What contributes to America having stronger values than other places in the world?”, over the half of Amercian say the freedom is important. There also is a another example. Scholastic News Online asked the children that “What does it mean to be an American?”, among 24 children most of them said that the freedom is most important. So, Cheyenne L said “I think it means to be free. I wouldn’t want to be from any other country.”. The fact that children said freedom is important means that the education of the United States also have taught that the freedom is core value of the Amercian. Therefore, it can be told that the prominent national identitiy of being American is the freedom. B. The freedom is spread by the liberal democracy A political sociologist Dr. Larry Jay Diamond said component of the liberal democracy. There are eleven components, and most of components were based on the freedom. For example, 3the component is “ Citizens have multiple channels for expression and representation such as diverse independent associations and movements which they have the freedom to form
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