The National Language For England Essay

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England, birthplace of Shakespeare, situated in western side of Europe, is a country which is a part of United Kingdom, shares its borders with Scotland (to south) and Wales (to west). It comprises most of southern island of Great Britain. It is separated by Europe by English Channel and North Sea. The national language for England is English and has a fascinating blend of ethnic groups and international cultures. It has a land area of 130,279 km2 (50,301 sq mi) with total population of 54,786,300 (2015 estimate). In fact England alone makes up for 80% of population in Europe. Major cities include London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield out of which London being largest & the most populous city. Great Britain is the third most populous island in the world. It does has a wide variety of religion according to 2011 census out of which Christianity is the most widely practiced of all. Population in england currently holds 65 million (approx in 2014) and considering the current migration rate (185,000), birth & death rate is projected to increase almost 10 million by the year 2039 i.e., a 15% increase. Seeing current demographic conditions it will be approx 71 million by 2027. The political system of England consists of parliamentary system & constitutional monarchy. There has been no government for England since early 1700. Currently it is governed by parliament of United Kingdom, though other countries still have decentralized government. HEALTHCARE IN ENGLAND: Healthcare
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