The National League Of Major League Baseball

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Should there be a designated hitter in the national league in major league baseball? That is the question that is being asked around major league baseball by fans, owners, managers, and the players. If a team is playing in an American league ball park both teams must use a designated hitter in place of the pitcher. If a team is playing in a National league ball park both teams’ pitchers must hit instead of having a designated hitter. This is set to give each league an advantage when playing in interleague games because National league teams normally carry an extra pitcher while American league teams normally carry an extra hitter. However, injury concerns, numbers, and entertainment factors play a huge part in the designated hitter discussion. There is a reason to be concerned when watching a pitcher field and hit the ball. These concerns can cause injuries that can be prevented, but some cannot. So, major league baseball, commissioners, managers, and the players all have to come together to figure out a solution to prevent injuries. For example, when a batter hits a line drive up the middle and strikes the pitcher in the head. How can major league baseball as a whole prevent an injury such as the last example. In reality an injury like that cannot be prevented, because it is a part of the game that cannot be changed. Now there are precautions pitchers can take in the field, but currently only one pitcher uses it in the league. Another example would be just recently Jason

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