The National League Of Major League Baseball

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Should there be a designated hitter in the national league in major league baseball? That is the question that is being asked around major league baseball by fans, owners, managers, and the players. If a team is playing in an American league ball park both teams must use a designated hitter in place of the pitcher. If a team is playing in a National league ball park both teams’ pitchers must hit instead of having a designated hitter. This is set to give each league an advantage when playing in interleague games because National league teams normally carry an extra pitcher while American league teams normally carry an extra hitter. However, injury concerns, numbers, and entertainment factors play a huge part in the designated hitter…show more content…
An injury like this is more of a freak accident rather than an injury that could be prevented. A line drive up the middle that hits the pitcher may look bad, but in most cases they usually only miss a few starts. Generally it is concussions which there are proper protocols for concussion related incidents. This year two National league pitchers have been injured while hit. That may not necessarily seem like a high number, but it is when it is related to pitchers. Adam Wainwright is the ace of the St. Louis Cardinals and this year he had a season ending injury while he was leaving the box to run to first. In this example, the cardinals lost their ace for the year. Teams do not want to see their ace or any pitchers go down because it could affect their playoff aspirations. Even though Wainwright went down the cardinals are currently in first place of their division. They even have two pitchers with 10 wins or more, but it does not always happen like that. Take the Chicago Cubs for example who are currently in the race to be in position to contend for a wild card spot. Jon Lester is their best pitcher on their staff. This would ultimately end their season over something that could have been prevented if he was injured while at the plate. Major league baseball teams do not want to lose a great pitcher over something that could be avoided. Many people believe that this could be solved if the
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