The National Lgbtq Task Force Transgender

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When people want to be theirself, doesn 't everyone deserve that chance at that much freedom? According to the national LGBTQ Task Force transgender people are not that lucky when it comes to the demographics of social media. On CNN website there 's an article that discusses how transgender people are twice as likely to be unemployed and four times more likely to live in poverty compared with the general population and these disparities are much greater for transgender black and latina woman said Emanuela Grinberg writer for CNN. Today in society we judge hard on others who aren 't like us. The people who decide to change their sexual identity or preference have the god willing write to pursue that. There was a story in Charlotte, North…show more content…
People shouldn 't have to kill themselves to become free, we as a society should make them comfortable enough to live there truth. 4.6% percent of the U.S. population has self reported suicide attempts,that number jumps to 41% for trans or gender nonconforming people according to These stats were shocking to me, due to the fact we have celebrity transgender figures. In the hit show Orange is the new black there are lots of sexual tensions. For example one of the oscar nominated characters in the show is Laverne cox. Cox plays as an inmate in jail and she is her truth on the show which is transgender, and she is a phenomenal actress. Cox took a lot of negative talk when she first started on the show, but the show has multiple lesbian and transgender characters. Laverne Cox is an advocate speaker and goes on tours to speak to gay and transgender people. This is a positive thing to do to help some of these kids and adults realize it 's okay to be different, nothing is more important than living as your true self. Cox said in an interview, “ to love a transgender, is revolutionary.” “With more than 50% of transgender teens commit suicide before they even turn 20 it is clear that the societal inclination to generalize gender identity based on physical attributes present at birth results not only in the denial of basic human rights, but appears to be the impetus for this startling epidemic of suicide,” according to
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