The National Museum Of The Pacific War

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Museums have to keep in touch with customers to keep themselves in business. In this day and age, the way to keep in touch with most people is to have a presence on social media with the use of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. YouTube is also an option because it adds connectivity through videos and it gives the museum access to the users on the Google+ side of the social media network. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is one museum that has an extensive list of videos to help grow their customer base. Visitors can watch the videos of bands getting inducted from the present such as Cheap Trick or Ringo Starr, or visit the past and watch bands such as Led Zeppelin or The Beatles get inducted. This also adds to their Facebook and Twitter base…show more content…
Their Facebook feed shares not only articles on an artist’s contribution to music, but also shares videos of their current projects (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). They keep information current, such as having a tribute article ready for the late David Bowie, as well as offering tributes to artists who have died before, such as John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix. Their Instagram includes photos and pictures detailing a lot of rock and roll, from instruments to the musicians who play them. They also include videos of performances from many artists (Rock and Roll hall of Fame). One thing the rock hall has at its disposal is a YouTube channel that they use to post videos of content or induction ceremonies from current or past bands. This adds connectivity to the Google+ section of the social media network, as YouTube requires the user to possess a Google+ account. They also post videos of not only the bands who get inducted, but of the induction speeches, such as Mick Jagger when he inducted The Beatles (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). These videos help popularize the rock hall, as the subscription number for the hall of fame’s YouTube channel is 97, 578 people (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). The YouTube channel page of the rock hall also has links to their other social media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. The official site also has these links to take users to the other outlets of their social media
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