The National Park Is One Of The Most Well Known National Parks

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Yosemite National Park is one of the most well known national parks in the United States. It is especially famous for its beautifully inspiring scenery. Yosemite expands 748,542 acres and is located on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. The elevation of the park ranges from 2,127 to 13,114 feet (Bortman, p. 1546). The closest town is Mariposa with neighboring counties including Madera and Fresno. Today, 3.5 million people visit Yosemite annually (“History & Culture – Yosemite National Park (U.S. National Park Service)”). With the attraction of millions of tourists, the national park has been designated inalienable for all time. The creation of Yosemite dates back to the Precambrian era. The region of what is now Yosemite sat between two continents. The Farallon Plate subducted under the North American Plate and created an arc of volcanoes during the Devonian and Permian periods (Harris, p. 328). The solidification of magma created igneous rock during the Triassic period and in through the Jurassic. On the eastern side of present day Yosemite, the Nevadan mountain range was also forming. The Sierra Nevada Mountains are constructed of granite (Harris, p. 337). The creation of Yosemite Valley was by glaciation. The formation of glaciers and the process of being covered by these ice sheets began approximately 3 million years ago (Harris, p. 339). According to Harris, at least four of these glaciations have occurred (p. 339). The first glaciation, called the Sherwin, was…

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