The National Patient Safety Goals Essay

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Health Care Topic The National Patient Safety Goals were first developed in 2002 by the Joint Commission. The goals are established to help guide medical organizations to focus on which areas of patient safety need improving (Hudson 2016). The first set of goals were released and put in motion in 2003, prior to 2003 there were no policies or goals for an organization to set their sights on (Hudson 2016 page 2). A panel of experts advises the Joint Commission on the development of new goals or the updating of old ones. The panel is called the Patient Safety Advisory Group and is made up of nurses, risk managers, clinical engineers, and physicians (Hudson 2016). The National Patient Safety Goals have specific goals geared toward the type of medical organizations such as a critical access hospital, home care, behavioral health, and long term care services to name a few (Hudson 2016 page 2). The National Patient Safety Goals help protect patients and make sure providers are practicing safely across the board. The following are the National Patient Safety Goals for 2016: improve the accuracy of patient identification, improve the effectiveness of communication of caregivers, improve the safety of using medications, reduce the harm associated with clinical alarm systems, reduce the risk of health care- associated infections, and for the hospital to identify safety risks inherent in its patient population (Hudson 2016 page 2). Under each category there are specific goals, such
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