The National Physical Education Standards

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One of the most important goals for educating the students of today is preparing them to live a successful life not only mentally but physically as well. Students ultimately have to understand and be experienced with many physical activities(e.g. running) in order to accomplish a physically healthy lifestyle. Both the National Physical Education Standards(AAHPERD) and the Mississippi Physical Education Frameworks assist educators in designing a curriculum that teaches students about the necessity and fundamentals of physical activity. There are obvious differences and similarities between both educational standards as far as their content and structure goes. However, both the purpose and function of both standards are still analogous. Both standards inform educators of what students should be able to know and do at specific grade levels like the College and Career Readiness/core standards. Similarly, like with all educational standard, both standards functions as a model and guide that includes suggestions of teaching strategies, learning objectives, and much more depending on which one educators choose to use when developing their curriculum. All in all, both standards were comprehensive in providing information on how to design a curriculum that disciplines students into healthy individuals with effective implementation.
The general purpose for both standards are to discipline students into individuals that understand the necessity of physical activity, with the…
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