The National Security Agency and Electronic Surveilance

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George Zimmerman committed murder, and was acquitted of charges by a jury, as there was not enough evidence to prove that Zimmerman had not acted in self-defense. Zimmerman walked away from the trial without any repercussion, and much of the country was outraged. But what if Zimmerman had been wearing Google Glasses, or what if Martin had been using his phone? Both devices have the capability to record events. Either of those could have been used as evidence against Zimmerman, and might have been enough for the jury to find him guilty of murder. Many Americans find flaws with the NSA's (National Security Agency) cell phone, satellite and camera monitoring. Though most people despise the program, the NSA's monitoring power needs to be raised. With the ability to more thoroughly investigate crime scenes though electronic methods, the NSA could help catch local criminals, and could also investigate terrorist attacks on the country more thoroughly. In the end, it comes down to a simple choice, privacy or safety. Which is more important, a small amount of privacy on electronic devices, or the safety of the entire country? In recent months, the NSA has been attacked by cell phone users across America. This accusation is greatly aided by the media, which makes the NSA appear much worse than it actually is. The media has made it appear that the NSA directly reads each and every text sent by Americans, and the privacy of American citizens is being infringed upon. While many texts

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