The National Student Nurses' Association: A Sample Brochure

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The National Student Nurses' Association: (Sample brochure) Our mission When new nurses enter the profession, they require mentorship and guidance. The National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA) is a unique institution because nursing students can become a part of a professional community while they are still in the formative stages of their education (Welcome to the NSNA, 2012, NSNA). The NSNA is designed to ensure that young nurses have adequate support as they transition into nursing and that the education, mentorship, and early professional experiences of new nurses are positive. The NSNA empowers young nurses from the very beginning of their careers. It does not merely serve student nurses; it is also led by them. Its Board of Directors consists of ten active nursing students elected at the NSNA Annual Convention. The NSNA House of Delegates meets annually, elects officers and also engages in a lively debate about nursing issues and practice. Over 700 schools and state NSNA chapters make up the delegates (About us, 2012, NSNA). Senior nurses provide administrative support and mentorship, creating a perfect balance of independence and learning for young nurses. Why should I become a member? One of the greatest advantages to being a member in the NSNA is the ability to connect with peers. The NSNA's Annual Convention enables members to attend leadership and career seminars and activities; listen to lectures by nursing leaders; and learn about the best ways to
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