The, Native American, And Whatever White My Dad

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When I think of the word “Ethnicity” of course I immediately think, “Oh I’m Mexican, Native American, and whatever white my dad is.” While I do have a darker brown skin I was not raised in the traditional way it’s assumed I was. I am only a quarter Mexican, so I was not raised in a Mexican household. The reality of it is that I was raised in a small rural town, this particular tiny town goes by the name of Hotchkiss, CO. I suppose I would say my real ethnicity is Rural-Conservative American.
Out of the 900 people that live there the two main career choices are ranching and coal mining. The town of Hotchkiss is a predominately white town and it is full of conservatives. I was raised by my Democratic mother (who really is a Republican) and my Republican father, and when I was four my next door neighbors began taking me to their Baptist church every Sunday.
While I hated living in a small town and I will never live in one again, small town thinking and values have become a part of who I am. The sense of community in a small town has caused me to genuinely care about everyone around me. While I do not consider myself to be conservative, many of my political beliefs do tend to lean toward the conservative side of seeing things. I believe Americans are ignorant, and I am not ignorant enough to believe that I am just as ignorant as everyone else; but, I think that being American means standing up for what’s right, and not backing down on my own opinions just because someone…
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