The Native American Ethnic Groups Of Today Essay

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The Native American ethnic groups of today, are nothing compared to their ancestors. The treatment, hostility, and silver tongues of the past damage can never be fixed no matter how many words, medals, promises, and gifts you give them. The late Native American culture and its ethnic groups have been unfairly mistreated and misrepresented with lies from propaganda, breach of treaties, and harsh antagonization from American business owners and regular people alike. These actions have put a horrendous reputation on the local native ethnic groups, from past to present, that some Americans may never understand. Native American tribes have been widely misrepresented in American propaganda as brutes, savages, pure beast of the forest, and nothing more than killers. The meaning of propaganda is truly defined as misleading information and or to lead on to another idea. With heavy misleading propaganda around the local colonies, one can only think that pure fear is rooted deep into the minds of the majority of citizens. Fear of raids, kidnapping, and slaughters of colonies; although most attacks on colonies are caused by the natives being attacked first or being taunted by the local hunting parties are entering sacred land. These out lashes increased the idealization that the propaganda and stories are true. There are also times when propaganda does not always show the beginning of the story massacres from Native American tribes do not happen for no reason. Stated by Oogway from
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