The Native American Essay

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One might not understand what makes one keep moving forward day after day. Nobody gets it unless they have lived in the footsteps of another. Ask any Native American. They have lived a life of others judging and misunderstanding and if they haven't their ancestors have. The Native Americans pass stories down generation by generation so surely they have heard what it was like to be misunderstood. They believe differently than other cultures, yet not one is alike. They have a very complicated and hard to understand system when it comes to their views. The way they view, believe and run their system is never fully understood unless one has grown up with the Native American culture. The religious culture of these people is what holds their…show more content…
Christians believe that there is a destination of either heaven or hell. Both sacrifice important goods and valuables. Christianity was brought over from Europe with the discovery of the New World in the 1800s. The missionaries established missions and religious schools within the Native community. Many of the Native people took up the Christian religion while keeping their Native practices. The Great Spirit is known as their creator and God. This is their one main God even though they do have other gods such as the god of rain and the god of the sun. There happens to be a god for almost everything. Everything has a spirit of its own. The wolf spirit is one of the most striking, standing for instinct, intelligence, the need for freedom, and social connections. The wolf also represents the fear of being threatened and the lack of trust. Each and every Native is assigned a particular animal and the person’s spirit absorbs into the animal spirit in death. Natives do not teach the existence of evil spirits. Nothing is evil in its essence. The only evil that does exist is that of actions. Actions can be considered evil but not the one that has committed it. Stories are told of evil spirits to discourage the young from committing bad deeds. These characters appear in tails of creation and other tribes. Although the actions are considered evil that who has committed it still has a chance at being
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