The Native American Essay

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One might not understand what makes one keep moving forward day after day. Nobody gets it unless they have lived in the footsteps of another. Ask any Native American. They have lived a life of others judging and misunderstanding and if they haven't their ancestors have. The Native Americans pass stories down generation by generation so surely they have heard what it was like to be misunderstood. They believe differently than other cultures, yet not one is alike. They have a very complicated and hard to understand system when it comes to their views. The way they view, believe and run their system is never fully understood unless one has grown up with the Native American culture. The religious culture of these people is what holds their tribes and their lives together.
Historically Native American religions are very diverse between tribes. Most are unique to their individual tribe. Others are widely spread throughout many tribes but still encounter differences between them. Native religions, much like other religious groups have sacred sites. These sacred locations are considered sacred not only by the Natives themselves but by the American government who has now also named them protected.
The Native American Church is considered to be the most popular of all the Native American religions. This church teaches the Peyote religion. Originally the religion started in Mexico and was established in the tribes in the state of Oklahoma. The Peyote religion is the most widely…

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