The Native Americans And The Europeans

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When the Europeans conquered the Native Americans; both groups had little understanding of each other, especially their cultures. The Native Americans had a rich through history that allowed them to be almost as developed as the Europeans. However, the Europeans overlooked this because the Native Americans had not established the same man-made medical and agricultural developments as the Europeans. Conversely, the Native Americans thought that the Europeans were too concerned with dead objects, and took their land for granted. There are many controversial debates over who was worse: the Native Americans or the Europeans, yet, it’s evident that warfare, ritual torture, and cruelty were apparent in both societies. The Europeans had not known what the Native Americans had achieved, and the struggles they’d overcome. The history of the Native Americans began in Siberia. Many scholars hypothesize that the first Americans came from Siberia and traveled into Alaska. The colder climate of the Ice Age made an ice bridge across what is now the Bering Strait. Unfortunately, the bridge started to melt without warning, causing the people in Alaska to become trapped. A group of Native Americans known as today 's’ Navajo and Apache came to the rescue when their construction of boats advanced and allowed them to be durable enough to travel across the strait. These Athabascan-speaking people traveled from Canada and later reached the American southwest. The Paleo-Indians were next to create
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