The Native Sport And Recreation Program

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The Native Sport and Recreation program, Sport: Everbody’s Business, and Sport the Way Ahead, can also be understood through Foucault’s concept of biopower. Importantly, when delineating biopower Foucault postulates that the transition from welfarism to neoliberalism is related to a subtler means of moral regulation by emphasizing the innovation of technologies and ideologies, which utilize self-regulation, responsibilization and governance (Hunt, 1999; Orsetto, 2010). A consequence of the aforementioned shift from the welfare to neoliberal state was the emergence of biopower, which Foucault (1978) describes as, “a political technology that brought life and its mechanisms into the realm of explicit calculations and made knowledge and power an agent of transformation of human life” (pp. 143). Specifically, biopower enabled the state to discipline the body and regulate the population through techniques and methods that came to focus specifically on body as a site of manipulation (Boyle, 2008; Foucault, 1978; Orsetto, 2010) As Boyle (2008) further explains, “biopower utilized the knowledge-power dynamic as a means of inducing transformation in human life and brought life to the forefront of explicit calculation and management” (pp. 36). Foucault (1978) traces this historically to the nineteenth century and the development of a range of sciences and professional discourses that rendered individuals and populations as translatable and manageable to specific forms of government…
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