The Natural Beauty And The Power Of The Sea

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J.M.W. Turner is arguably one of the greatest artists that ever lived having played a huge role in the arts and painting industry. Turner’s innovative painting techniques have seen his works focus a lot on the scientific and technological advances made during the times he lived. It was his perspectives in painting that made him as outstanding among other painters of his time. For instance, one aspect that uniquely identified Turner’s works included the exceptional use of color and the presentation of more abstract paintings in his works. This led to many people claiming that J.M.W. Turner as the pioneer of the modern day landscape painting. This paper will examine a comprehensive analysis of how the natural beauty and the power of the sea have been presented by J.M.W through the use of light and water in his pieces. Turner’s paintings and highlighting the context and relevance of the painting as well. Similarly, the study will focus on integrating some of the views that other artists and painters have brought forward concerning the landscape artistic works of J.M.W. Turner.
Turner placed a huge emphasis on the use of color as opposed to designing an aspect quite common among the Romantic painters of his era. Trevisan (2013) hypothesizes that the colors carried out specific meanings depending on the occasion it represented. This notion ensured that the true emotions in the best way as if they appeared in the natural world reached the viewers. For instance in Turner’s…
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