The Natural, Because My Passion Is Sports

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I chose the book, The Natural, because my passion is sports. I also heard that The Natural was a blockbuster in the cinemas so I decided this had to be my choice. This book did not completely match my expectations. Before I started reading I expected that The Natural would tell the story of a baseball legend’s career and achievements. The story was almost the exact opposite. Roy Hobbs, a young, talented, and ambitious baseball player goes to Chicago to try out for the Cubs. He meets a girl, Harriet, on the train to Chicago whom he immediately falls in love with. Things quickly go wrong as she shoots him when he visits her hotel room in Chicago. This not only seriously injures him, but also keeps him from playing professional baseball for 15 years, putting him past his athletic prime. After Roy enters professional baseball in his thirties, he has a few short years in the league and eventually cracks up and beats up his coach and manager. He would end up jobless and never be able to play baseball again. Nothing goes right for Roy and the baseball gods looks to be against him. The Natural isn’t a story of an athlete’s glorious career as I expected, but a talented player’s career and life going to waste. The story also shows the dark side of sports such as cheating and match fixing. I am undecided about recommending this book. This story’s plot is depressing but reflects the sad reality of many sports stars past their prime. I would not recommend this book to anyone who is

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