The Natural By Bernard Malamud And The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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There are no two people exactly alike in the world. Identical twins, the only people in the world who share the same fingerprints and genetic information, have different personalities, distinct strengths and diverse shortcomings. When comparing two people, parallels can be drawn between them, but crucial dissimilarities will be highlighted as well during the process. Such is the case when it comes to analyzing the protagonists of The Natural by Bernard Malamud and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Both Roy Hobbs and Jay Gatsby, the main characters of the two books respectively, are driven by money and their lust for women, and these factors lead to their eventual downfall; however, their character development is different in that Hobbs undergoes a change of heart and Gatsby suffers from a lack thereof. Although both books share many parallels such as problematic relationships, a key distinction of the two men is their ability to garner sympathy from the readers.
Attracted by the allure of money and driven by lust, Roy Hobbs’ foolhardy habit of throwing caution to the wind and falling for women left and right leads him to squandering both the chances in his life and ensures his downfall. He wants Memo and he does his best to grab as much money as possible, through any means necessary, in order to keep her by his side; however, Memo is against the idea of living in poverty and will only marry Hobbs if he is rich: “‘Just say the word and I will take care of you [Memo]……

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