The Natural Disasters Of Hawaii Essay

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Natural disasters in Hawaii When we ask people what they think about Hawaii, they will probably say paradise, ocean, holiday and beach. However, the islands are accessible to some kinds of natural disasters, such as earthquakes and volcanoes that I learned in Geology class. No one will recognize that the Hawaii is the island most likely to feel it. Volcanoes and earthquakes are natural hazards in Hawaii especially earthquakes that have great destructive potential and its have destroyed many other places in Hawaii and killed hundreds of people. There are many differences between volcanoes and earthquakes. These two types of natural disasters can compare or contrast to each other. They are different in three things: the geology, the process, and the effect, but volcanoes and earthquakes are related it. We need to predict and reduce the damage of the natural disaster in Hawaii, so we have to know more details about. As humans being living on earth we all faced to a natural disaster of some sort. Earth is compounded of huge blocks, or tectonic plates, that constantly move and slide past one another. These plates enhance energy as they move, known as boundaries, generating a fault plane. When plates slide away from each other, the stress and heat from the earth 's core can strength magma up through the gaps. When plates bump, they can produce the strong impact that causes pieces of the Earth 's crust to crash inbound. The caved-in crust becomes overheated and pushed higher
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