The Natural Environment Of The Production Of Soft Drinks

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Natural Environment The natural environment plays a huge role in the manufacturing process of soft drinks. The resources and raw materials that go into the products are predominantly natural resources. The main ingredient in these products is water. Not only is water necessary to produce soft drinks, it is also vital to cultivation of the agricultural ingredients that include sugarcane, corn, sugar, beets, citrus, coffee and tea. For many years the massive amounts of water went unnoticed or at least did not cause the concern that it should have (Coca-Cola, Climate Protection Overview, p. 1). As time passed, governments began to see the negative effects that manufacturing had on not only water but other natural resources such as clean air.…show more content…
One of their main goals is to replenish back to the community most, if not all, of the water it uses in its processes. The plan focuses on treating and recycling wastewater that is a byproduct of manufacturing. Coca-Cola has a goal of bringing the water to a higher quality than those mandated by some local laws. They also intend to work with the communities in which they operate in order to have them adopt standards for their communities. They set forth the goal to have every one of its bottling partners adopt these quality standards as well. In some cases, Coca-Cola actually uses the treated wastewater to irrigate their agriculture resources or to control dust. In 2007 Coca-Cola was one of the six companies that entered into the United Nations Initiative that seeks to develop and implement global practices for water management. The group agreed to reduce water consumption as well as considering water conservation when making corporate decisions about sites for new facilities. For Coca Cola the goal of water conservation is prominent one. They partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to track and manage water usage at its more than 900 bottling plants all over the world. This partnership is aiding Coca Cola to conserve seven river basins around the world as well as rivers and streams throughout the southeastern portion of the United States. Another way Coca Cola is attempting to protect water
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