The Natural Foods Channel Of Natureview Farm

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1. How has natureview succeeded in the natural foods channel? Natureview Farm was founded in 1989; Natureview Farm was positioned as a natural food brand. Within the period of 10 years and produce and promoted refrigerated cup yogurt with brand name of Natureview Farm. The company has been succeeded in building a quality healthy product that differentiates it from other because of its natural ingredient and long shelf life that gave it its strong brand has a natural distribution within natural food channel. In addition, within the period of 10 years, the company managed to hold around 14 of America’s market share. Maintaining such an achievement required the company to do extra efforts, and many difficulties to overcome. However, Natureview succeeded in the natural foods channel because of several reasons. Natureview has generally positioned on distributing its yogurt in three unique sizes with a verity of flavor, 4 ounce, 8 ounce, and 32 ounce glass, primarily by natural food channel. Although leaves Natureview Farm with a narrow, but developing target market, and leads Natureview extremely successful. Exhibit 1 illustration that the Farm catches 24% of the Market of the overall industry in Nature Foods Channel. That implies Natureview Farm is the integration brand in yogurt market on Nature Foods Channel. Currently, most of the consumers forces on nature ingredients, Natureview needed to grow good connection with nature foods channel. Besides those customers at

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