The Natural Hazards Of Watertown, Ny Is Vulnerable Essay

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Watertown, NY is vulnerable to various natural hazards. Hazard mitigation is very important to emergency management. Hazard mitigation are actions that are taken to minimize the efforts of a natural disaster.

Identify and Characterize the Hazards

Hazards affecting Watertown

Category of Hazards Type of Hazards Ranking

Atmospheric Extreme Temperatures, winter storms, tornadoes 1

Hydrologic Flooding, droughts 2

Geologic Earthquake, landslides 3

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme cold will result in freezing rivers and ice jams. When these thaw out it will result in flooding. No matter where the freezing takes place, the after effect will always cause flooding which will have adverse effects on crops and vegetation. Extreme cold can cause frostbite and hypothermia. Strong winds along with extreme cold makes the conditions feel a lot worst. The high winds take away bod heat, making the body feel cold a lot faster. According to the New York State Climate Office, extreme cold events in New York State occur regularly and are most common between October and March. The northern states are the areas that are most susceptible to extreme temperatures. This is an acceptable risk. Despite the cold temperatures, you still have many people that venture into the cold to fight the freezing conditions.

Winter Storm / Ice Storm

Severe winter storms are characterized by the hazards of high winds, extreme cold, heavy snow. Winter storms consist of cold temperatures and heavy snow or ice.
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