The Natural History of the Galapagos Written by Ian Thornton

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The theory of evolution is a very interesting, but also a bit of a controversial topic. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines evolution as “a theory that the differences between modern plants and animals are because of changes that happened by a natural process over a very long time.” Even though many people would and have disagreed with this following statement, the theory of evolution as of now is the best the best way of explaining why people and the animals which are, are on earth today. Like all scientific discoveries the theory of evolution had to be discovered by someone, and this someone’s name was Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin was an English biologist who was born in 1809; he was also a writer and known to be the father of…show more content…
Which would explain many things with humans such as skin color hair type eye color and other different features. Despite all the proof and theories there are for evolution many people out there without a bat of the eye will proclaim the evolution is poppy cock, whether in humans or animals to them it is just a theory and wound ever be thought of as anything more. As of now 1 in 3 Americans do not believe in human evolution. <Alan Murray 30 December, 2013. 4 April 4 2014.Pewforum >. So as of now the people who do believe in evolution are in the lead but a literal third of the population don’t believe human in evolution. A lot of people would say that humans never evolved from great apes, that humans and animals have remained the same since there first existence on earth. In fact we would notice these people as the people of the religious perspective such as the Christians, Muslims, pretty much any religion that believes man and animal where created by a deity of some sorts, which most refer to as creationist. There are some creationist who do believe in a form of evolution just not that it traces back as far scientist would say it does, such as Ken Ham. Ken Ham is a Young Earth Creationist who was recently in a debate of evolution and creationism with the scientist Bill Nye. “We would say as creationist the kind in

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