The Natural Language Processing ( Nlp )

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Natural Language Processing (NLP): NLP is a process in which human makes communication with machine easily. NLP is related to area of human and computer interaction. There are many application developed last few years. The very helpful application is that a machine take instruction by human voice and follow operation on it. NLP are trying to make computer more reliable that are easier to use by people. So rather than learn a special language of computer command, people will talk with computer in their own language.
1.1.1 Automatic Summarization [b]: It work as the summary of a chunk of text. Like, article in political section in newspaper.
1.1.2: Machine translation [b]: Automatically translate language from one human to another human.
1.1.4 Optical Character Recognition [b]: Optical Character Recognition is a process mechanical or electronic conversion of scanned or photographic image of typewritten or printed text into machine encode or computer readable text.
1.1.4 Speech recognition [b]: In speech recognition take a sound clip of the person and determine the textual representation of speech.
1.1.5 Speech segmentation [b]: In speech segmentation take a sound clip on the person and separate into words.
1.1.6 Word segmentation [b]: Word segmentation takes the chunk of continuous text and separate words.
1.2 APPLICATION OF NLP [b]: Classify text into categories
• Index and search large text
• Question answering
• Speech
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