The Natural Law Approach to Ethics Essay

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The Natural Law Approach to Ethics

In the modern world people within society that have some ability or knowledge of reason know that there are certain laws which govern the way in which the world works. An example of this in the world can be observed in the form of the laws of Gravity or that the angles of a triangle will always add up to 180 degrees. We know these things because as soon as we are able to think for ourselves we accept that there are certain rules which are just part of our universe. We can also know that these rules are certain as we can observe them working in the world in our day to day lives and see for instance how objects react when dropped. We work out these answers or
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A moral life is a life lived according to and in accordance with reason. Aquinas deduced that fundamentally humans should do good and avoid evil.

As a Mediaeval Scholar Thomas Aquinas set out to show that if human reason is believed to have come from God or given by God then both faith and reason together can provide people with the best tools for living their lives. In matters of Ethics Aquinas believed that people should not have to choose between blindly following either their common sense or following the commands that are written in the Bible. Natural Law attempts to show how the two can be brought together which is both rational, intelligent and the person involved in making the decision whether it is ethical or not can also be faithful to God at the same time.

Another part of Aquinas's theory, which is relevant to the Natural Law theory is Aquinas's views of conscience. Aquinas believed that conscience was a device for distinguishing right from wrong actions. Aquinas thought that in general people tend to try and do good and avoid evil in life he called this the "synderesis rule". Rather than being a voice that commands one thing or another, conscience is the reason making decisions as conscience deliberates between good and bad.
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