The Natural Law Theory Of Human Nature

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It is our human nature that makes us feel great when we get a job and makes us feel horrible for something we steal something. This is because it feels natural for us to feel that we did something right or wrong. The natural law theory tells us that an action is morally right if it is natural and an action is wrong if it is unnatural. This means that human morality comes from nature and has a purpose to live a good life. If someone’s actions are preventing them from making them live a good life, then their actions are considered unnatural. So the natural law is to act in such a way to live a good life. Although there are many reasons that reinforce this theory, criticisms also exist that neglect this theory. There are 4 important reasons that support the natural law theory. The first one promises that the general idea of morality is not influenced by human opinions. This means that all humans share the same natural actions that consider what is right and what is wrong. If the purpose of humans is to live a good life, a human performing in a way that steers them to live a good life is doing what they ought to do. It is human nature that determines what humans have to do in order to live a good life and not doing what they ought to do to live a bad life. As long as there is human nature, then morality under the natural law is objective. The next important reason explains that morality is only suited for humans and nothing else in the natural world. This means that humans
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