The Natural Nature Of Life

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“Sublime in nature”, the word itself is enough to know how horrific and dangerous experience that one can experienced from a natural activities. The natural experience that can last forever due to the terror and pain that you faced while experiencing it is called the natural sublime. Natural sublime experience could be anything that can take away your breath because of some kind of horror and astonishment that your faced/remember from that particular [natural sublime] experience. In my case, I had experience a natural sublime, which almost killed me. I have also imagined two other natural sublime experiences that I am planning to do next summer; climbing Mt. Everest and bungee jumping [I am going to experience both in Nepal]. Who want to experience a death? Everyone right? I mean no one wants to die but experiencing it is a whole different idea. My Natural Sublime experienced is no less than that. I experienced a death [not literally]. I was about 12 years old, hanging out with my friends. We had a pond near our house. We went there without our parent’s permission. We were having fun in the pond. As like a swimming pool, the pond had a different water level. Accidently I got into the water where it was more that 20 ft. of water [I didn’t know how to swim]. I was in the water, drowning deep down, almost unconscious. For a few second I didn’t know what to do, I was thinking about how I am going to die soon, I thought about my friends, families [mostly I was scared that I
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