The Natural Resource Curse : How Wealth Can Make You Poor

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32483357 Wenjun Yin TA:Kara Dimitruk Econ 13 Term Paper A majority of people consider natural resources as gifts to a country. They are innate superiorities and bring people wealth. However, since the mid-1990s, many scholars gradually realize that natural resources can be one of the causes of civil wars. The more researches they conducted, the more evidence they found. In fact, abundant recourses could affect the countries’ stabilities in many ways and make them vulnerable to conflicts and wars. The advantage of abundant resources could turn out to be a fatal weakness. In the article “The Natural Resource Curse: How Wealth Can Make you Poor” , Michael Ross describes the situation as “the natural resource curse”. In this paper, I would like to fully explain what “the natural resource curse” is and in what ways the curse is affecting those countries and how different countries react to the curse. Firstly, not all natural resources cause problems. For example, water belongs to natural resources and it is unevenly distributed across the world. However, water seldom causes civil wars. The natural resources that we mentioned here are specified as some limited and precious natural resources, such as raw oil, hard-rock minerals, gemstones,timber, even illicit drugs. Ross offers a table of the most recent 17 conflicts that are related to different kinds of resources. From the table, it shows Liberia suffered from a civil war which linked to various resources from 1989 to
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