The Natural World

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As is evident everything in modern life is somehow affected by advancements in science and technology. Thus in the 20th and 21 centuries Christianity is increasingly relying on science to support their views. Using this line of thinking as a basis to understand the laws of nature and medicine, and thus be better able to serve the Christian people. Such a curiosity has crossed into other fields within Christianity, leading the Christian faith to employ research into their own faith. Such being the case with distant intercessory prayer (IP). On the other hand, science strives to understand and analyze all aspects of the natural world, which since 1965 has included IP. Thus, there are both proponents and opponents to the religious claims that distant intercessory prayer in the 20th -21st centuries. Christianity says that prayer has the power to change things. This can result in the form of wisdom, prosperity, peace, aid to God’s governance, and the fostering of social transformation. Accordingly distant intercessory prayer can allow for a Christian follower to fulfill their biblical mandate. With the aid of scientific evidence Christianity has aimed to illustrate the benefits to distant intercessory prayer. To do so Christian scientific research has delved into the fields of the placebo effect, psychology, and physiology. As Kevin Masters states, through several studies, a positive correlation between religiosity and health has paved the way for further interest in fields

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