The Nature And Consequences Of Vietnam

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The nature and consequences of US involvement in Vietnam until 1968 are categorically characterised by Economic, Social, political and military linkages with the nation on both flanks of the demilitarised zone on the 17th parallel. The consequences associated, in regards to the United States escalation of involvement in economic, social, political and military relations in both South and North Vietnam, were substantial in the sense that the United States would ultimately shape a volatile political and military forefront for an anti-communist crusade in the already established cold war environment.
The nation of Vietnam, from 1946 – 1954 were engaged in a conflict against the French imperialists for independence whilst France were in an
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The Geneva conference concluded that, by August 1954, Vietnam was to be separated temporarily in two by the 17th parallel, the communist north controlled by Ho Chi Minh and the Non-communist south established by the French. A national election was to be held in 1956 to decide the political future of the nation, a stipulation of the Geneva accords. The Non-communist south and the United States refused to sign the accord although they did decide to abide by the agreement. From the United States perspective, if the agreement had been allowed to be carried out, the consequences resulting would be a disaster as Ho Chi Minh would inevitably win the election against president Diem and the Domino Theory would fall into action. The domino theory was the centre the founding impetus for the United States’ involvement in Vietnam; the theory dictates that if Vietnam fell to communism, the other remaining South East Asian countries would consequently follow. The communist ideology lends itself to some extent in corroborating this theory. Vladimir Lenin for example, in his writing, called for an “International revolution” of the communist ideology. Historian G.Lewy (1978) also argues in favour for the theory’s involvement in driving an impetus for US involvement in Vietnam, that there is an ‘American anti-communist crusading’ behind the development of US relations with Vietnam. Ultimately, the United States’
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