The Nature And Existence Of God

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Philosophical Perspective Philosophers, scientist, theologies and other scholars have engaged in heated debate on whether there is existence of God or not. Several approaches have been used to argue on the nature and existence of god but only a few have been accepted by many people. The physiological argument of the nature and existence of god take the form of epistemology, that looks at the nature of god from the scope of knowledge that man has, ontology that involves the study of how human being relate to god and other creatures, the reality and existence of certain facts. There is also the application of the theory of value in philosophical argument of God’s nature. This method is applied because human beings believe that perfection…show more content…
It is a term that is associated with the pagan and the humanity thinking of the general knowledge that one should poses. With this general knowledge in mind, it is possible for philosophy to pose question that will be answered by theology. Additionally, Philosophy studies the cause of existence of things and how they related to each other from the perspective of human reasoning. Theology is also the use of similar tools as philosophy to give answers to question of nature but now incorporates the existence of a supreme being known as God. Theology relies on the revelation of Christianity and the prophetic nature’s that were used to help understand God’s existence. Theology thus is focused on the study of the nature and understanding of the existence of God. In most cases, theology focuses on questions that touch on higher orders that man cannot easily understand. It is also important to note that theology deals with question such as how man should live and on what basis and principle man should live on. In this regard, theology tends to encouraged better living on a faith-based way thus fostering social communities. Theology gives answers to question that are posed by philosophy. The ontological arguments attempts to use abstract reasoning tom prove the nature and existence of God. It give the explanation of the precise concept of God as a perfect being that is seen to be supreme over other creatures. This
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