The Nature And Importance Of Instructors Feedback

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As a college student, I take instructor’s feedback very seriously. Instructor feedback is an important factor of student’s performance in college. It can be positive or negative. The objective of instructor’s feedback is to help students identify what they are doing right or wrong. This helps them to better their performance. As a student, I am very interested in researching about instructor’s feedback. What are the things students look for in a feedback? How effective are they? How can instructors provide more effective feedback? Like myself, the majority of the students who participated in my study think instructor feedback is very crucial to their academic performance and they benefit from it. In this research paper, I tried to go in depth about instructor’s feedback. In the first part of the paper, I will discuss about the nature and importance of instructors feedback. In the second part of the paper, we will address what students think of instructors’ feedback they receive, including in online classes. Through analysis of interview data, I will answer the following research question: What are international students’ perceptions of instructor feedback at a U.S. university? Methodology: For this research paper, I interviewed 10 international students. They come from 6 different countries. All of them have different academic environment in their home country. In this research paper, I try to explore what they think of instructor feedback in US academic environment. A
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