The Nature And Nurture Debate : How The Four Areas Of Criminal Behavior?

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The Nature and Nurture debate, one of the oldest debates in the history of psychology, questions whether or not criminal behaviour is a result of the nature of a person, meaning something that lies in their genes causing a person to act in a certain way, or nurture, the environment, therefore criminal behaviour as a result of a person’s life experiences (Sincero, 2012). This essay shall look in depth and answer to how the four areas of criminal behaviour, which are biological, sociological, psychological and environmental, as part of the nature and nurture debate, can explain criminality and deviance. This will be done by discussing a number of theories and experiments that have come to the surface over time. Researching the nature and nurture debate, it is shown that the debate continues to interest people today, mainly because of what is thought will be the outcome of these findings, which is preventing people turning to criminal behaviour by understanding people’s genetics, how they were born and avoid situations that lie in the environment to stop them interacting with criminal activities. By nature this does not only imply one’s physical attributes such as eye colour, hair colour, height and ear size, but also personality attributes such as intelligence, sexual orientation, likes and dislikes, all attributes that are encoded in DNA. For many years nature was considered the sole explanation for criminal behaviour but not today (Sincero, 2012). The first causes this essay
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