The Nature Of Art And Literature

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Art and literature has always come hand in hand throughout time. They both were affected by several movements such as the Romantic and the Modernism movements. Now a much smaller movement that swept through Canada was the Group of Seven. The Group of Seven were unique from all other landscape painters across the world for several reasons. To begin with, all the artists not only painted the landscapes in a more simple and stylized way, but the artist also traveled into the Canadian wilderness that they were painting. These particular landscapes were also characterized by the fact that they held no human trace. The wilderness they depicted was one not in any way affected by human presence. These artists depict a wondrous nature with bold saturated colors in an attempt to express their feelings about the wilderness. These painting also contained no organization. They held no foreground, middleground, or background which was normally depicted in typical landscapes. Despite the fact that the Group of Seven mainly appears in art and paintings, you can clearly see how it influenced Margaret Atwood’s short story, “Death by Landscape.” These iconic paintings frame Atwood’s story. The audience is introduced to the Group of Seven paintings in the beginning. Atwood gives very little background on just what the Group of Seven paintings are but gives enough information to know that they were important. Atwood’s character Lois describes the paintings as being very well known now, despite
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