The Nature Of Church And Ministry

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In this class, we have learned so much. It’s amazing to me to see how all the pieces come together. We started by talking about who we are and how we fit into God’s marvelous story. Then we talked about ministry and who it belongs too. Then we proceeded to talk about where ministry happens. Finally, these three pieces come together to form the nature of church and ministry. That’s what will be discussed in more detail in this paper. God has been so good to me over the years. God has blessed me with wonderful family, friends, and a vocation that I am excited to pursue. God has allowed me to grow up in a Christian family where I learned so much about Him. He has always given me friends that keep me accountable and help build my relationship with God. One way he has done this, is bring me to Trinity. Almost immediately I made awesome, Christian friends. Through my experiences here at Trinity, God has revealed part of His will for me. I know that I am being called to work with a mission organization. God has given me a heart for kids and I know I am to use that to further His kingdom. Reflecting back on my entire life, I can see how God has put people, events, and challenges in my life to prepare me for what is ahead. I know that everything He has done is for a reason. One thing I have learned from being involved in ministry during the summer is, ministry is not ours. Rather it is God’s. God is an awesome God. He has everything planned out to the smallest detail. As imperfect…
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