The Nature Of Cyber World

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With the overwhelming increase in the number of people of using internet for their day to day work and run businesses, it has become equally important to understand the nature of cyber world we are living in. The internet is currently being used for all sorts of activities such as browsing, messaging, music, news and on top of it for financial transactions. This is the reason why many people are getting this opportunity to misuse it for the purposes it not meant for i.e. for harming others by using internet tools both in financial and personal terms. There are group of people on internet whose only job is to get involved in such unlawful activities and make money by using other people’s sensitive information. One such cybercrime which is has gained momentum in the recent years is Phishing. In Phishing, the hackers’ tries to obtain both personal as well as financial information of users by posing as genuine websites/emails. This information is further used to bring financial and personal losses to victims. In this assignment, we are focusing on the concept of Phishing, the way it is done, its impact and how it can be prevented. Definition and Description of Phishing With the increase in use of internet for both personal and financial activities, there is an increase in the crimes related to people trying to steal the sensitive information of users for their own benefit. One such activity is called Phishing. Phishing is a process by which a hacker tries to lure people
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