The Nature Of Educational Research Essay

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The nature of research

People have long been concerned with the needs of education towards twenty-first century skills and the nature of educational phenomena from day-to-day experiences which tends to demand possible actions to overcome. They attempt to understand the world around them by utilizing inductive and deductive reasoning in their research because a reason constitutes a primary source of knowledge on the ground of a philosophical idea the so-called rationalism (Mouly, 1978). Expression of notions exist because people have reasons which are inductively and deductively articulated in order to generalize and specify these arguments. Inductive reasoning is the method of reasoning in which the properties deliver good information. The nature of educational research is known worldwide to guarantee the quality of education towards development and human perspective of nature (Johnson & Christensen, 2008; Salmon, 2007; Bryman, 2012). This essay will divide into sections A and section B. Section A will describe and identify the aim of the research, the research questions, and an overview of my research design. Section B will define and describe the definition of the research, the description and justification of the research design and paradigm, the description and justification of the kinds of data as evidence in research, and the research consideration as a new knowledge.

Title: The significance of contextualization of secondary school textbooks: The
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