The Nature Of Fear In World War Z

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World War Z, by Max Brooks, is often thought of as the gory recount of humanities quarrel with the zombies, however these fictional episodes convey a deeper message about fear. World War Z sends a message that is consistent with the ideas that fear may cause people to do things they would otherwise condone, but oppositely fear is a barrier between rationality and insanity. Overall what Max Brooks suggests about the nature of fear is that fear can twist human judgement and make people do the unthinkable, but without fear people could become much more dangerous. Humans should have some fear for it is one of the principle emotions of what it means to be human, and without fear or too much fear we lose perception of our limitations, however denial is not the right way to seem fearless or handle fear. In World War Z it is clear that whether it be a government, a survivalist group, or a small military battalion, fear causes people to do things that they would otherwise think is insane or immoral. One insight to this perspective is during a scene where the commander of a U.S. battalion is punishing his group for disobeying orders. In this scene the man being interviewed recounts his superior saying “‘You spoiled children think democracy is a God given right. You expect it, you demand it! Well, now you’re going to get your chance to practice it.” What did he mean? We should be the ones to decide who would be punished. Broken up into groups of ten we would have to vote on which one
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