The Nature Of Happiness By Daniel Gilbert

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You may have guessed Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert is all about what makes people happy, how to make people happy, and why people feel happy in certain situations. This assumption is correct, but Gilbert digs much deeper than these three simple questions. He discusses the nature of happiness and explains the many, many psychological illusions that alter our perception of happiness. Gilbert focuses on why happiness is so difficult to measure and why many people have bias views regarding happiness. After reading this book, I feel as if I have a more insightful view about the human mind and how it works. Personally, I think the following quote by Gilbert sums up his book: "Our desire to control is so powerful, and the feeling of being in control so rewarding, that people often act as though they can control the uncontrollable." Gilbert starts his book by asking those simple questions all of us wonder at some point in our lives: why we aren’t happier, how much money it will take to make us happy, and how we can be happier. Throughout Stumbling on Happiness, he examines various studies and experiments which ultimately lead him to three main conclusions about happiness:
1. We often leave out key details or add details without even realizing we are doing so when we imagine happiness.
2. Our current state of mind influences how we view our past or imagine our future.
3. We view events very differently before they happen than when they actually happen. Gilbert…
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