The Nature Of Human Nature

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Human nature by essence has been the cause of many entrepreneurial paths, all follow to known the essence itself behind of what we conceive as life. Moreover it’s righteous description and abstract content, that many great man has humbly studied and that for centuries have made a path closely enough to the understanding of it, yet far from the light, it seems to be and unsolvable question that gives us a “Raison d'être” to our existence in this world. To be living beings in this world whose capabilities to achieve tasks differ from other animal species, that skillfully excels from its accomplishments and remarkable knowledge. Has imposed our race in the top of the food chain. All of this only possible by the evolved neocortex of our brains. Human thought and perception is attached to the description of nature and the relations between themselves. Coming from our most primal instincts, the creation of community and relation with others is vital to survival, but it also allocate the connection of thoughts and ideas, that can be passed from generations and can create a concise form of knowledge. Our spiritual nourishment from it changes according to imposed ideologies, and as vicious as humans can be, some of them rips apart our own consciousness and makes us part of something other than a part of ourselves. Henry Thoreau relates to this fact of collected organization called government, in which he sees the extent of the work done by humans that have caused (as he could
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