The Nature Of Human Relationships

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God made man in His image and likeness and created woman so that man would not be alone and would have a helper in life. Before exploring the nature of human relationships, it may be useful to begin with an understanding of the innate dignity and humanity within each person. God created man in his image, with all of the dignity that is due one who was brought into being in order to depict the image of God to the world. If one came into contact with God, creator of heaven and earth, would they not recognize the dignity and honor with which they should treat Him. It is then logical that dignity and honor should be shown to man, who is created in the image of God. Being made in the image of God, must be distinguished from being from…show more content…
Whether it be the current pace of society, our political climate or simply a fear of those who are unlike us, there seems to be move toward separation and categorization of groups of people, rather than an individual view of the humanity and dignity of one soul. People are black or white, Christian or Muslim, Working class, elite or takers, LGBT, pro-life, Democrat or Republican. Some retreat into these groups, drawn by a common sense of identity, while others feel pushed into these groups by society. While there can be comfort for the individual in being around people who understand their struggle, turning inward and isolating one’s self can allow one to forget or ignore the dignity and humanity of those who are not part of their group. Withdrawing too far into these groups can lead to social sin, which is sin that “refers to the relationships between the various human communities” (Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, 2011). This social sin is to disregard the freedom, dignity and right to life of others within the community of God. To move outside of ourselves and fully live as God intended means not to recognize the humanity within all persons. Each person must revere the humanity of all people. Not only tolerating them as beings, but acknowledging that they are
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