The Nature Of Information That Must Be Displayed By Computer Essay

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Objective This research will determine the nature of information that must be displayed by computer in order to enhance human insight problem solving in ISR and C2 applications. Insight problem solving refers to the sudden realization of a successful problem solution, typically involving a non-routine problem, following an impasse—the time period when no solution seemed obvious. Virtually all of us have experienced insight at some time in our lives, including world-class problem solving by famous scientists and mathematicians (Wallas, 1926). Insight can be seen as a form of intellectual ability. That insight can occur with important real-world problem solving makes its potential enhancement all the more critical for ISR and C2 applications because non-routine problem solving is the norm (e.g., A2AD situations). Insight was selected for study because it possesses several key attributes: (1) insight involves sensemaking (Patterson & Eggleston, under review), a precursor to successful decision making; (2) insight scales to the real world and is not just a laboratory phenomenon (Wallas, 1926); and (3) insight in the laboratory can be primed via certain cues—made faster and more accurate (e.g., Broderbauer, Huemer & Riffert, 2013; Maier, 1931). Despite these attributes, virtually nothing is known about how insight might be primed in analysts in real-world ISR and C2 situations. Since insight is a form of intellectual ability, insight priming is intelligence amplification. I
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