The Nature Of Love By Harry Harlow

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Harry Harlow was labeled as a man with a desire for learning about what he presumed love to be and consequently, dedicated his later career to the subject. Life presented him with ups and downs yet, he pursued his research with a vigor. He developed notions about the concepts of affection in contrast to bodily needs and what could possibly derive from one not receiving love. This guided him to establish observational research methods to study his ideas via the use of infant primates which, yielded both positive and negative outcomes. Harlow’s article titled, The Nature of Love, relayed his explorations and discoveries, along with his future ideas. Harlow supposedly had a quiet and uneventful childhood, and his exhibited traits of big ambitions eventually led him to earn a Ph.D. from Stanford University. With respect to his personal life, Harlow’s initial marriage ended when his wife left him due to his extreme dedication towards work, and his second wife passed away from cancer. Professionally, Harlow’s career took place when behaviorism ruled the psychological field, and it was his controversial work that made him well-known amongst his community. He was not intimidated by the status quo and thus, conducted experiments with primates to study the unchartered territory of affection. However, after the death of his second wife, Harlow had become distraught and depressed. His career started to falter, and he eventually retired in 1973 (Harry Harlow, 2014). Harlow
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