The Nature Of Organizations And The Contemporary Environment

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Module 1: The Nature of Organizations and the Contemporary Environment
Antoinette N. Gibson
MGT 501/ Case Assignment #1
Trident University International

Within every environment and business, culture plays a role in many different ways. In my reading I have found that culture is defined as the shared intellectual programming of the human mind which differentiates one group of individuals from another group. It has often been understood that statements about culture do not describe “reality”; they are all general and relative”. Often times you will find that dependent upon the person, culture can be very subjective, meaning everyone sees things in a different view forming their personal opinions. According to this weeks’ case study we were challenged to determine and understand how culture and environment affect institutions and their management. This paper will assess how Linda Myers, from the required reading, “The Would-Be Pioneer,” was affected by the huge culture shock of working for a global conglomerate from Seoul, South Korea. I will highlight what went wrong with Ms. Myers from my point of view over the course of her assignment. I will also analyze the cause by explaining the problem Ms. Myers is encountering using the Hofstede’s five dimensions of culture to compare Korean and American assumptions about interpersonal relationships and management. Finally I will conclude through proposing a solution by making a recommendation of three specific
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