The Nature Of Teaching And Learning

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The nature of teaching and learning in senior secondary schools is undergoing change. The Australian curriculum has set new priorities for learning in the final years of school. These priorities continue to emphasise learning in the disciplines, but they also include the development of a broader range of skills and attributes considered necessary for life, study and work in the 21st Century. This report builds on that foundation by examining how to assess 21st century competencies. The Queensland Curriculum’s Assessment Authority (QCAA) recommendation 18 states that in its specified assessments processes a greater focus on skills and attributes now being identified in senior secondary curricula as essential to life and work in the 21st Century (for example, teamwork, problem solving, creativity, verbal communication). Therefore, it is a future orientated reform, which advocates for students to undergo Year 11 and 12 assessment which will evaluate and determine the effectiveness of the implications of initiatives for schools, teachers and senior students. We must implement assessment that appropriately measure student skills and content knowledge. Such assessment must be meaningful, relevant and supportive of long-term success in the 21st century. Finally, the essay will present a personal impact statement to identify the influences this QCAA recommendation will have on future practice.
Queensland and New South Wales share the Educational Goals for Young Australians, as
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