The Nature Of Teams And The Limits And Limitations Of Teamwork

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Examine the nature of teams and the benefits and limitations of teamwork
People in general are social beings and have a primary need to have relationships with one another. Therefore, working in teams comes naturally to most and often receive the most effective results. A successful team can provide an organisation with numerous benefits such as reducing costs and improving productivity. Unfortunately, there are certain challenges that come hand in hand when working in teams such as an unevenly divided workload and conflict within an organisation. However, organisations are social systems and for them to function effectively there needs to be an emphasis on the importance of relationships that exist within the entity. The best way to utilize
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Switching to a team based culture can help employees feel more connected to top management and bring more cohesiveness to an organisation. Working as part of a team helps employees develop innovative ways to improve the organisations dynamics and react quickly to solve problems in the workplace.

Limitations of Teamwork
Although teamwork has its benefits, conflicts can occur from time to time. Members personalities can clash and cause divisions within the workplace. Occasionally this division can result in competitiveness and arguments with other members of the team. Therefore, teamwork has its disadvantages such as workload being unfairly divided, groups being too large resulting in cliques and the team not gelling well together.

Workload may be unevenly
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