The Nature Of The African Landscape

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The Landscape: In this section, I seek to investigate how the nature of the African landscape has been depicted in Heart of Darkness. Questions such as 1.) How the Orientalist others the foreign landscape 2.) What is the psychological influence of the African landscape on the European colonisers? 3.) Does the psychological influenceon the Whites similar to that of the Blacks? 4.) And, what are the consequences of that psychological influence on the White invaders and the natives? These arguments are presented in ascending order of importance. I will study the colonial and the Oriental conception of the foreign landscape as Marlow’s journey involves both trajectories. I also aim at exploring Conrad’s mechanism that he uses to hit on the serious issue of the psychological state of the European characters and who he reflects it in his narrative.
The abundant reports, literary narratives, and the variety of representations of the early travellers that belong to different social, cultural, and political backgrounds presented Africa with a very shining image. They loomed Africa as exotic, strange, and the promised of golden opportunities. However, in the nineteenth-century Western colonial discourse, Africabegan to function as a synonym to absence and infinite. (Miller, 1996: 92). This is because the colonial missionaries and administration of Africa turns it into a realm of darkness, corruption, and a source of terror that lacks shape and pattern.
The credential of this
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