The Nature Of The Forest

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The landscape is affected as well. The surface mining requires a large area. With the amount excavated the mine is constantly growing. The area which the mining takes place in is called the Boreal Forest. This forest is an ecologically diverse natural resource. The forest is a combination of woodland and wet land, and composes of about thirty percent of the Canadian land mass . The forest is changed when the companies divert rivers or drain the wet lands. The water effected from the diversion and draining is either used in the plant or pumped to another location. When the mining of the area is complete the companies plan on creating a new landscape, where wetlands once flourished there will by low lying dry hills. The forest is also effected it is cut down, and what would be replanted by a logging company, is dug up by surface mines. Once the mining is complete the soil has changed so much that the once flourishing Boreal ecosystem will be crippled for hundreds of years to come. Wildlife is some of the most effected, by the Oil Sands. The habitat of many different species is being dwindled. The wet lands that are in the Boreal forest support a breading ground for many different types of water birds. If this wetland is drained then the population of many water birds is effected. The noise and sudden presence of humans is another factor driving animals away from there once indigenous lands . Caribou, and Deer have been driven from there woodland habitat from
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