The Nature Of The Good Life

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Philosophers have been thinking about the nature of the good life since ancient times. The good life was a central topic during the ancient period of philosophy. Many people say that the good life is living a prosperous life full of happiness. There are many different ideologies of the good life and each philosopher has their own values and beliefs. I decided to pick one of the most well known philosophers, Karl Marx. Karl Marx’s philosophy is by far one of the most looked at. He called capitalism the dictatorship of the upper class. , saying that it was run by the wealthy class solely to make profit and maximize their own benefits. The end product and goal of capitalism was simply economic gain. In this philosophy there has to be organized production, which includes the means of production, such as factories, facilities, machines, and raw materials. Throughout this paper I will describe certain aspects of Karl Marx’s philosophy mainly focusing on why capitalism is not the way to road to the good life. A good example of this can be looked at by recognizing the class struggle between bourgeoisie and proletariat, otherwise known as the upper and lower class.
The bourgeoisie owns the means of production and the proletariats are the labor and means of production. The relationship between these two social classes is very unique. While they both work together in a way, and have similar interests, they are completely different from each other. This is called the relation
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